Cupboard Cleanup

15 Mar

Okay folks! I don’t know about you but I have been feeling pretty damn sluggish lately. Winter blues? Nope! I know I have the S word to blame. No, not that S word. This one – Sugar! Ever heard sugar is the devil? Well if you’re like me, you know it is. I constantly crave chemical shitstorms disguised as chocolate, cake, cookies, and ice cream (only to name a few..). So with bikini season on its way I know I have to start getting my act together. Out with the old crap, in with the new!

So I guess breakfast would be a great place to start. I usually start my mornings with oatmeal and fruit – great source of natural sugar and fiber – until I load on the brown sugar. Feeding both my mouth and my ass – yay. So what I have started using instead is one of my favourite things I used to use, until I fell head over heels for the devil. It is natural agave nectar and I buy it in liquid form at the health food store. It is not quite as sweet obviously as the brown sugar but it gives it that bit of kick I need.

Butter – A.K.A. cellulite in a bar. Might as melt it and rub it on my ass. It’s going there anyway. But now along comes some options. There’s almond butter, apple butter, cashew butter, and the whole rest of the aisle. If you have never stopped to look in a health food store you would actually be amazed at how many different types of butter spreads there are that are comprised of healthy fats. And they come packin! (with natural sugars that is). So next time I go to spread a lovely coat of yellow chemicals on my toast, or pour a cup in my cookie batter, I will think twice.

Aunt Jemima vs. Sugar Bush. Natural maple syrup is 100 percent the real thing so why do we reach for Aunt Jemima “light” maple syrup, or 50% real syrup? Oh right, because its cheaper. Well think about saving a few bucks this way: a) how long does a bottle last you? Pretty long compared to other products in your fridge (seeing as it is a condiment, not a beverage (i keep having to tell myself that)). So for a few extra bucks that you have to spend every three months, its really not that much. And a few extra bucks every few months is worth a healthier body right? Well now that that is settled, whether you are eating pancakes, french toast, or using maple syrup as a heathy additave (remember the oatmeal?) buy the oh-naturale kind! But – even though it is healthiER – use sparingly 🙂

When you see enriched bread, refined sugar…Think removed healthy stuff, put back leftovers. Because that is exactly what happens. So if you think buying “enriched” white bread means you are doing great, you’re wrong. Whole wheat baby. The only way to go.

Well my cupboards are cleaned out of the bad sugars and fats, and replaced with healthier alternatives. What about yours?


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