Looks I Adore

15 Mar

For my first fashion post I thought I would start out with a few looks that I love. The first that came to my mind is this one:

I absolutely ADORE this dress (and Reese Witherspoon in it!). It is a Jason Wu creation, and it would be hanging in my closet if it wasn’t for the hefty price tag! I love everything about it and the way she’s rockin it – it fits her like a glove, the shoes are a cute peep-toe but nothing more, and since she is wearing her hair down in cute flirty waves she passed on a necklace and went with some cute chandalier earrings. A 10/10 look. Reese – give your stylist a raise!

Just as I get used to Victoria Beckham’s pixie cut edgy hairstyle that I think only she could ever pull off so well, she comes out with this 60’s bombshell look of soft short waves. She looks amazing in what ever she does, and will forever be epitomized as one of THE fashion icons. I hate short hair and she makes me want it…

What I love about Vicky B is that even when she is glammed up in leather pants and leaopard print fur coats, she is still the Posh Spice we all knew and loved. Here she is as just as an average Brit in the supermarket. Gorgeous!!

Of course I can’t not mention one of the most common looks girls across the world love….A man in a suit! Enough said ladies. Feast your eyes below.

One of my fave pictures I came across one day was of Hedi Klum giving a classy finger to the camera. It’s just an edgy fun shot of her. Her facial expression (priceless) and the black and white finish make it perfect! 1 point Germans.


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