Maximize Your Workout

23 Mar

…With the right clothes!

I recently fell in love with a material called Luxtreme and want to share my love with all of you! Everyone knows cotton is hot, sticky, and heavy, and can cause major chaffing issues (under the arms, anyone else?). Nylon and spandex is great too but compared to my new favourite Luxtreme, it just seems thick and warm and icky.

So what makes this Luxtreme so special you ask? Here’s the lo-down:

1. It was created by Lululemon. Need I say more?

2. It mirrors the ’70s material made famous by the one and only smokin-hot Jane Fonda

3. It feels like a bathing suit material. Can you say moisture-wicking!!

4. It feels light, smooth, and chafe-free!

My everyday workout outfit consists of Luxtreme crops, a Luxtreme bra, and Luxtreme tank. Go big or go home right?

Here are my faves…

Run: Inspire Crop

Push Ur Limits Tank

All Sport Bra

(All photos taken from….Check it out!)

What are your favourite workout clothes?


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