Living Without Regrets.

25 Mar

Hey folks, happy friday! I thought I would share my bucket list with you today. I am a firm believer in setting goals for the present, near future, and future. I created a goal chart for myself  last year and keep it on my nightstand so I look at it before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up. I have 1, 5, and 10 year goals to do with my health, career, and personal life. For me, it is a great way to make sure that I complete all I want to in life!

Another great tool is a bucket list. Everyone seen the movie? Same idea. It is a list of all the crazy things you want to achieve before you die (cue the Tim McGraw song). And no, win the lottery does not belong on a bucket list. It needs to include things you can actually achieve through the power of your own control (if only we could control winning the lottery….if only). So do it, and do it now ladies. You don’t wanna die without living.

Here is what I have on my bucket list….so far.

1. Go skydiving (adrenaline rush….check)

2. See Celine Dion live in Las Vegas (yes, I have a little crush)

3. Stay in a villa on the ocean in Greece (cue the falling in love with a hunky Greek God)

4. Help in a third world country

5. Adopt a baby boy

6. Become an activist for cruelty against animals causes and make a difference in an animal’s life

7. Take a trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos

8. Take the train across Canada

9. Learn a new language

10. Eat pizza in Naples and and drink copious amounts of wine in Rome

11. Climb the Eiffel Tower

12. Learn to play the guitar

13. Rent a convertible with some girlfriends and take a spontaneous summer road trip

14. Get a tattoo

15. Get my pilots license (like you would trust me flying your plane)

16. Buy a motorcycle (I’m a biker chic at heart)

17. Open my own business (and become rich!)

Hope this inspires you all, even just a little bit. Have a great weekend 🙂



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