Killer Body Workout

31 Mar

My fave workout buddy sent me this link. Warning! May cause feelings of self-loathing and/or motivation to get your fat ass in gear for summer. Also will cause feelings of tiredness just watching.

This girl has my dream body. If you follow the rest of her links and workouts ( you will see that it does not come naturally to her. It’s all in the hardest of work!

Want a cellulite-free ass? Or ripped arms and abs? Want to actually WANT to workout? Well then who wants to try the Killer 550 rep workout with me!!? Let’s die together.

Ps…Remember my P90X post? This workout actually uses a lot of the moves used in the P90X videos.

Pps…50 reps each too much? Try 30 and work your way up!


One Response to “Killer Body Workout”

  1. Christa Ellis (@ChristaEllis) April 5, 2013 at 4:39 PM #

    One day I’m going to do this girl’s videos, rep for rep. One day… – C

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