Spring has Sprung…Spring Cleaning that is…

31 Mar

Spring is here! And that means time for a down and dirty spring clean…

Dress and heels optional.

When the spring weather arrives one of the first things I think of is getting my spring clean on. I like to wipe down my space from the dirty crummy winter and get ready for the summer in style! I usually pick a day (Sundays are great) and get my act on with cloths, garbage bags, mops, brooms, and windex. Fun right?

Here are 12 tips to make sure you don’t miss a spot:

1. I usually clean room by room. Get all your products together and travel with them around your house. That way if you don’t finish in a day, you just pick up where you left off.

2. Crack out the vacuum and use it on the floors and carpets. Move any furniture off the walls and into the centre of the room so you can get all those dust bunnies.

3. Grab a pail, add some soap and water, and wash the baseboards and marks off the walls.

4. Use a duster or swifter and dust all furniture, light fixtures, and decorations.

5. Grab your pail and water again and wipe down light fixtures, ceiling fans, and tops of furniture if you can.

6. Wash the floors! Be sure to start in a far corner and work your way towards the door or edge of the room. Trapping yourself in a corner is never fun.

7. Find your windex and use it on all mirrors and windows (both sides if they are removable!) Don’t forget the screens too!

8. Launder your bedding, take your comforter to a walk-in, and dry clean the things that can’t be washed. Don’t forget about washable throw rugs too!

9. Clean out your closets and get rid of old clothes, shoes, and STUFF (you know, all that junk you thought you might one day need and never have…). Have some friends over who might want to take on some of your pre-loved items (maybe someone had her eye on those snakeskin boots you never wear), and take the rest to Goodwill if you can.

10. Fridge! There is nothing better than a clean fridge. Get rid of old food and wipe down the shelves!

11.Tackle bathrooms. That means the shower too ladies!

12. I always love to refresh by moving around some furniture. I usually re-do my bedroom for something new.

There you go! Now go get your Molly Maid on!


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