Cellulite my a%$!

12 Apr

Dimples. Cottage cheese. Craters.

No one likes cellulite.

And if you have ever had or have cellulite you don’t care how you got it (cough – genes, junk food – cough), you just wanna know how to get rid of it!

Well there is no “cure” per se, but I can tell you that Biotherm has a product that actually can work to decrease the appearance of those awful bumps, or depending on how much you have, get rid of it altogether! They can be gone as fast as they crept up on you.

biotherm celluli eraser www_makeuptemple_blogspot_com

Just put a bit on the affected areas (back of legs, bum) for at least 30 days, and voila! You are bikini ready darlings.

Tip: when choosing an anti-cellulite cream, read the label for “caffeine”. You want this!


One Response to “Cellulite my a%$!”

  1. Must Have Boxes April 12, 2013 at 2:56 PM #

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    – KW

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