What. To. Do?….Part 1

15 Apr

The epic question whenever you are bored: WHAT TO DO? You went to the movies last week, you can’t afford another night out, there’s nothing good on TV, the weather is awful….the list goes on. Well, rack your brain no more! Here is part 1 of my list of inexpensive places and things in Toronto to do to cure boredom or make for an interesting time out with friends:

1. ROM


The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is an ever-changing array of interesting collections. Take a look at their website and see what is currently being displayed. If you are looking for the most unlikely party scene in the city, check out the ROM on a Friday. You can dance your way through the museum to the tune of the hottest DJ’s, drink in hand. Friday Night Live at the ROM runs for 8 Fridays starting in May, and then again in the fall. Check out the details here, and I will see you there! http://www.rom.on.ca/en/activities-programs/rom-friday-night-live

2. Rent a Bixi


Toronto has a great bike service in downtown Toronto. Most of you have probably seen it, but not used it. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent a Bixi for a nominal fee, or pay a yearly membership. The bikes can be picked up at most street corners and dropped off where your trip ends. So unless the weather is cold and dreary, grab a bike and explore this city! Find your closest bike here: https://toronto.bixi.com/

3. Centre Island


There is this fab little island off the Harbourfront in downtown Toronto that has yet to be discovered by many young Torontonians! (Insert shocked face here). Centre Island is typically known as a family-oriented amusement park, but their beach is fatabulous for the legal-aged as well. Just don’t forget your cocktails 🙂 Full listing of T.O. beaches can be found here: http://www.toronto.ca/parks/beaches/beaches.htm

4. Take in a Game


“Get your popcorn!” Going to a sporting event can be expensive if you get premium seats, buy booze and food, get your 50/50 tickets and programs…But it doesn’t have to be! Refrain from buying too much booze (pre-drink instead) or food (eat at home before or after), and buy the cheap seats, and you’ve got a great afternoon or evening out! In the summer you can buy Blue Jays tickets for as low as $10 bucks and Argos tickets as low as $20. So take yourself out to a ballgame and get in the game (and a tan while you’re at it!).

5. Hit the Trails


Who knew you could hop off the subway in Toronto and find a serene oasis…a forest in the middle of the city. Take the TTC to High Park and find yourself spending the day among the trees and wildlife, and not to mention working up a sweat! There are lots of trails and parks within the boundaries of the city and I bet you didn’t even know it. So crack out those dusty running shoes and hit one of these trails! http://www.toronto.ca/parks/trails/index.htm

6. Snakes and Lattes


This fine establishment doesn’t have a typical menu. This gem serves up over 1,500 board games to enjoy with your beer or java. So grab your bust buds and kick their a$% in any game your heart desires! http://www.snakesandlattes.com/

Look for Part 2 of What. To. Do. coming soon!


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