10 Christmas List Essentials

7 Dec

1. Keurig Coffee Machine

I am a coffee addict. There I said it. And if you are like me, a Keurig Coffee Machine is an absolute essential! Every morning I roll out of bed (after hitting snooze no less than 5 times) and stumble into the kitchen for a mug of java. This baby makes waking up a little more pleasant! My favourite k-cup is called Donut Shop…(donuts not included).

2. Candles

Every girl needs a plethora of candles. I almost always have some lit. They just make me happy! Candles not only set the mood, they leave your place smelling like a vanilla factory (or whatever scent tickles your fancy). My faves are candlesticks and some really cool candlestick holders. When in serious need of replenishment, check out Bath & Body Works – they always have the season’s best!

3. Hunter Boots

If you don’t own Hunter Boots, go buy them right now. These rainboots make a rainy day better! No more ruining your suede booties and avoiding puddles left, right, and centre – Hunter Boots mean you can jump right in! I wear my Hunter’s with the lining for winter so they double as some stylin’ winter boots on a slushy day. They come in some really cool colours to spruce up any dull day – I personally own them in Dark Ruby. These are an essential for any girl, no matter where you live!

.i want hunter boots. i want hunter boots. Especially yellow or tiff. Blue,

4. Vicky’s PJ’s

There is nothing like spending a cozy day inside in front of the fire during the holiday season. And it’s all the better if you are snug in some of Victoria’s Secret classic PJ’s! VS makes a cute set called Fireside Long Jane which are the comfiest, cutest, coziest pj’s EVER. They are legging style and come in a variety of colours and patterns. And ever better – they are on sale and include gift with purchase right now!!

5. Steamer

This one isn’t so fun and cute – but still an essential. If you don’t own a clothes steamer you will really need to invest. Ironing is so 1960’s – welcome to the new age! Steaming your clothes is not only better for the fabric, but it is easier and works better if you ask me. Just plug in, wait for it to warm up, and steam away! I hang my garmet on the back of a door and steam over any wrinkles. The great thing is you can use it on fabrics you normally wouldn’t iron, like silk. I own the Rowenta Pro Compact and would highly recommend.

6. Jewelry!

What girl doesn’t plan on putting jewelry on her Christmas list, right? Well here are two options that make giving easy (especially from your man):

Pandora – their classic silver bracelet is my favourite. I actually wear it almost everyday. The great thing about Pandora is it is the gift that can keep on giving! It is a charm bracelet, and Pandora sells hundreds of charms to help you customize it. Check them out here.


Stella & Dot – if you haven’t heard of them, you need to check out their website now. My go-to? Their Serenity Stone Drop Earrings in green. They also make a smaller version in navy and pink!

Serenity Stone Drops

7. Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

This is my makeup essential. Hands down, I would never go without it. Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer is lightweight, has a tinge of colour to it, and ensures your makeup stays on all day. The “radiance” part of it is a little much on it’s own, but once you add your foundation or BB cream, your face has the perfect amount of luminance. If you don’t already use a primer, you really need to start. Thank you Laura!

8. Scarves

Scarves can easily be your best accessory in the fall and winter. Here are a few of my favourites: Bianca Houndstooth from Banana Republic, Small Houndstooth from GAP, Babaton Richie Scarf from Aritzia, & Leopard Print Scarf from Zara. Tip of the day – for ideas and looks with scarves, check out Pinterest!

9. Jillian Michael’s Workout DVD

Let Jillian kick your a**. I love her and hate her all at the same time. Her 30-Day Shred DVD is my go-to for an at-home workout. It includes 3 different levels and are short but high intensity workouts. All you need is a mat and a couple of dumbbells and you are ready to go!

10. Clarisonic

All the raving you’ve been hearing about Clarisonic – well it’s true! This little bathroom essential is a gentle exfoliating hand-held device that was originally created for skincare professionals before becoming a hit with regular Jills. It actually produces 300 movements per second, which apparently translates to beautiful fully-cleansed skin! In my opinion, their base model, the MIA, is all you need. Try it out, and I guarantee this will become a part of your regular skin care routine.


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