Pack Right

12 Dec

The airports will be hustlin’ and bustlin’ this holiday season. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones heading to a hot destination to escape the Canadian cold. Or maybe you are just headed down the highway to celebrate with family. Either way, when travelling there is only one thing worse than unpacking – and that is packing.

Here a few tips on packing well that work for me!

1. Plan ahead people! Packing can be an art for a woman. Taking too much or too little has its obvious disadvantages. I always make a list of what I am going to wear each day while away. This not only helps me ensure I am not forgetting anything, but also saves me valuable time on the road trying to figure out what to wear. Make a list in advance of everything you need, and then go through it a second time and take off anything “optional”. This is the best way to get that suitcase justtttttt under the weight limit 🙂

2. Comfort is key. Those high heels may look great, but when your feet swell at 30,000 ft. it is just not worth it. My number one rule is layer it up, and don’t wear jeans.

3. Always pack leggings and a blazer. Leggings won’t wrinkle and can be worn multiple times in a row without getting that “worn” look. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or down. A simple black blazer just goes with everything. Including those black leggings!

4. Travel-size your toiletries. Your local Trade Secrets or drug store sells travel-size versions of your favourite shampoo, conditioner, mousse, & hairspray. There is no need to bring full-size bottles! You can also purchase small empty bottles and re-fill them for each trip. This tip will save you valuable suitcase space!

5. Mix and match. Plan to bring classic pieces of clothing that can be mixed with others to make different outfits. Mixing and matching = options and space!

6. Update your playlist. Especially if you are in for a long ride, there is nothing like refreshing your playlist to keep you happy!

7. Forget about it. Needs ironing? Forget about it. Not sure if you need it? Forget about it. Thinking of a reason to bring it? Forget about it.

7. Don’t forget your airplane essentials. Advil, moisturizer, headphones, sleeping pill, gum, blow-up pillow (seriously the best invention ever).

8. Don’t forget those often forgotten essentials. Chargers, underwear, socks, toothbrush, eye makeup remover, headphones, pills.

Bon Voyage!


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