Mad for Mascara

6 Jan

Guys have it easy. Shower, little gel in the hair, and away they go. For us girls, we don’t air dry very well (at least I don’t). Hair takes some time, and our face takes a little more. I would bet my life that if you asked 100 girls what their one makeup absolute must-have is, 99 would say mascara. Life just wouldn’t be the same without that little tube.

When it comes to mascara, there are 84069372 options out there. You’ve come to the right girl, because I’ve tried about 7393722 of them! Here are my favourites:

Want Length?

Your best bet is Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara. The brush is thin and long and makes it easy to get the little eyelashes near the corners of your eyes. It’s not the best mascara for volume, but it certainly does make your eyelashes appear longer.

Want Volume?

I have used Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara for years. It is just a great everyday one, and with a couple coats really adds fullness and volume to your lashes. The brush is larger, so getting your bottom lashes can be a bit messy, but that’s nothing a q-tip can’t fix. It also doesn’t clump too much compared to others I have tried.

I have also heard great things about Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara, although I have actually never tried it. I am not a fan of the plastic bristle brushes, which this one is. But if you don’t mind those bristles, I would give this one a shot. The reviews everywhere seem to be great!

Want Drama?

Probably the most popular mascara on the planet – the classic Diorshow Mascara by Dior. It is my go-to mascara for a night on the town. The story behind this mascara is that makeup artists at fashion shows would use toothbrushes on models to get great volume – until this mascara was developed. It’s a little pricey at $31 CDN a tube, but worth its weight in gold!

Want Economical?

The best drugstore mascara I’ve found is Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara. A great everyday one, it adds pretty good length and buildable volume. The nice thing about this one (and most found in drugstores) is that you have the option to purchase in brown or brown/black. Most higher-end mascaras are only available in black. Depending where you purchase, this mascara goes for around $8 CDN.

What are some of your favourite mascaras?


6 Responses to “Mad for Mascara”

  1. Giulia January 6, 2014 at 10:33 AM #

    Buxom Mascara – available at Sephora, approx $30.00 and worth every penny! It NEVER dries out, ever! Volumizes and lengthens. The best thing about this mascara is it seperates all your lashes. I don’t wear mascara often and this bottle of mascara will last me almost a year and still doesn’t dry out.

    • erika January 6, 2014 at 10:37 AM #

      Good to know!! That will be my next purchase then!

  2. candies & crunches January 6, 2014 at 1:44 PM #

    Hi there! I’ve been using Marcelle Twist Push Up mascara, it’s only $14, but I love it!!!

    • erika January 6, 2014 at 2:14 PM #

      I’ve used that one before as well and liked it too!

      • candies & crunches January 7, 2014 at 10:01 AM #

        Fewh! For a second I thought I was cheap or something! haha!


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