How to Clean Your Hunter Boots

7 Jan

As a Hunter Boot devotee, I get asked this question from time to time. I figured it’s time for this blog post!

Your Hunter Boots will automatically develop this white film on them, no matter how dirty they actually are. It actually has a technical term (“blooming”) and is common for high-quality rubber, so don’t think your pair is defective! You will probably see it start to happen every few months or so depending on how much you wear them. To decrease the blooming process, store your boots in a cool, dry place.

huntersHere is how I clean my Hunter Boots:

1. Start by wetting a cloth with warm water and clean off any dirt on your boots. Let your boots air dry.

2. Buff your boots to make them really shine using the Hunter Boot Rubber Buffer (sold in most retail stores that carry Hunter products or online). Spray the Rubber Buffer onto various areas of the boots and rub in a circular motion. Let your boots dry a bit before wearing them.

The Hunter Boots website actually has a tutorial found here as well:

If you don’t have Hunter Boot Rubber Buffer you can also use common household products to clean your boots. Replace the Rubber Buffer with olive oil, Goo Gone, or Dawn dish soap!

Hope this helps!


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