Favourite Thing Friday #3: Lip Tar

10 Jan

Today I am not talking about lipstick. Or lip gloss. Or lip stain. Or lip balm. No, today I am talking about lip tar!

I recently discovered Lip Tar – matte by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics while walking aimlessly around Sephora. I have been on the hunt for a Barbie-pink lip colour and saw this lip tar like there was a light shining down and someone was singing “ahhhhhhhh”. It was a great moment.

I now wear my lip tar….like all the time. I love it! What is lip tar you ask? It is new to the market, and is a cross between a stain/stick/gloss. Here’s the scoop:

1. It goes on with a mini brush. You have to be really really careful not to get it outside your lip line because it does have a lip stain aspect to it, and you only need a tiny bit! Like a really tiny bit. This stuff will last you forever. If you use too much it will clump up where your lips meet.

2. It can be messy to apply – you need a mirror and the little brush – but it lasts most of the day! I honestly could go the whole day without needing to reapply if I really wanted to. Because it acts like a stain, you can eat and drink and it won’t come off.

3. Like I’ve said, lip tar is like a stain, but is also like a lip stick. It have a lip stick look to it, whereas most stains are thin and just “stain” your lip. Lip tar is a thicker liquid stain. Instead of me trying to explain, you really just need to go find out for yourself! And for $22, you won’t break the bank.

4. They make a great array of colours (37!!), and their formula is completely vegan and animal-cruelty free. Winning!

5. The one downside to lip tar (besides having to carry the little brush and pouch), is that the formula will show any sort of dryness or chapping on your lips. It is best to use a lip primer prior to use to avoid any unevenness. Check out my post here about the power of primer!

My favourite is Nylon – a classic bubblegum pink with a twist of neon. If you put it on thick it comes out very bright and a little purpley, but if you use only a tiny bit it is a great Barbie-pink colour!

I think my next purchase will be Divine…pretty right?


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