How to Follow a Hair Diet

18 Jan

Oh yes…there is such thing. Because I say so!

One of things I vowed to do less this year was ruin my hair. My hair is shoulder length and not very thick. And it won’t grow! So I decided to go on a hair diet…NO. MORE. HEAT.

I have hair like this…

And want hair like this…

It probably won’t happen….and definitely won’t happen overnight…but a girl can be optimistic right?

Here is how I am hair dieting:

1. No more using a hair brush (insert gasp here!). Large tooth comb only! It pulls less on your hair than a brush.

2. No more heat! That means air drying my hair, and embracing its natural body without the use of straightening irons or curlers. My hair is naturally pretty straight, but volumeless. I have had to be creative. 

3. No combing when it is wet. Hair is most fragile when wet, so I air dry it completely first and then use a comb to brush it out.

4. Use a protein treatment once a week. I currently use Redken Extreme CAT Protein Reconstructing Treatment.

5. Use an overnight hair mask a couple times a week. I use coconut oil (warm a small handful in your hands for a minute and then spread over the bottom half of your hair) and sleep in a shower cap. So attractive, I know!

6. I use sulfate-free and BPA-free shampoo, and a good conditioner! I’m currently using Saryna Key Pure African Shea Shampoo – Volume Lift and love it!

Saryna Key Pure African Shea Shampoo - Volume Lift  500ml/16.94oz

7. I am taking multi-vitamins daily, as well as biotin. Biotin is known to add in the growth and maintenance of healthy hair and nails.

8. I use a leave-in hair strengthener after showering, while my hair is still wet. This also acts as a detangler, so when my hair is dry it is easier to comb out without any unnecessary pulling. I like Saryna African Shea Oil with Keratin.

9. I used to always twist my hair up in a towel when getting out of the shower. But no more – hair dieting involves squeezing excess water out of your hair without any twisting. Like I said, your hair is very fragile when wet.

10. And finally, if I absolutely must use heat on my hair, I ensure I am using a good heat protectant spray first. I recently discovered Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray and love it. Whichever you choose to use, make sure it protects your hair up to the degree of heat you use on it. Some hair appliances these days go up to 480 degrees, so make sure you are covered! Keep in mind though – using a lower setting is better!

The main thing to remember is your hair is weakest near the bottom. Your hair will generally break halfway down or lower, so that is where you need to be most careful and make sure you use conditioners and leave-in treatments.

And if you are naturally blessed with a great mane…..I hate you.


5 Responses to “How to Follow a Hair Diet”

  1. candies & crunches January 18, 2014 at 6:16 PM #

    What helped me quite a bit is washing my hair less frequently. I was used to wash my hair every second day and now I stick to 2 times per week. I know, it sounds bad… However, after only a couple of weeks, the hair restores its natural oil balance and it doesn’t get oily as fast.


    • erika January 20, 2014 at 11:52 AM #

      Good to know! I am an every-other day girl…maybe I’ll try to stretch it to 3 days more often now!

      • candies & crunches January 20, 2014 at 11:53 AM #

        It’s gonna be somewhat hard and gross at times (LOL), but it’s definitely worth it! xoxo

  2. cailinceol January 20, 2014 at 5:29 AM #

    Love this post! I used to have great hair, people always commented on it, but a bad dye job 2 years ago left it all breaking off 😦 It’s hard to ‘grow out’ the split ends when they start at the root! I use redken anti snap also and it’s amazing – you could try toni and guy shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair too as I actually find it better now than the redken conditioner! Thanks for the extra tips!! 🙂

    • erika January 20, 2014 at 11:53 AM #

      I love Redken Anti-Snap too! I used to use that for years…I will have to try the Toni & Guy shampoo..thanks!

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