App Reviews – Ab Workouts

12 Feb

I figured what better way to get in a little (lot) of ab exercises by reviewing the various free ab workout apps available! Everyone has abs – some are just tucked a little deeper than others…so dig ’em out and try out some of these fun ab workout apps with me!

I downloaded all of the following on my iPhone via iTunes.

1. Ab Workouts

This apps exercises were pretty self-explanatory and easy, but there was a moving character going through each rep with you to keep you on time. The moves are meant to be down slowly for more effectiveness (something I was not used to). There are various ab workouts to do with names like “Easy Abs – 8 min”, “Super Side Me”, and “Ab-solute – 24 min”, with icons beside to indicate if it is easy, medium, or hard, or very hard. There is a social/fit club aspect to this app as well, but I didn’t use it.

2. Ab Trainer X

The first thing that popped up with this app was 2 ads back to back. That happened each time I opened it. However, once you get past the ads the workout was pretty good. The moves are little more advanced (think side planks, straight leg holds, etc.) and you can choose from 3 different workout lengths (6:30, 8:30, or 10:30). The down side to this one though – you need to pay to upgrade to the intermediate and advanced levels. Womp, womp.

3. Ab Workout

This workout app combines basic moves (crunches, reverse crunches) with the mostcore-centric moves (half curl back, c-sit rotations) of the three apps. There are three options for length of workout (5, 8, or 10 min) and three levels. However you need to download the full app (which costs more) to get the third level. Regardless of that, this app is still very effective.


My least favourite was the Ab Trainer X. The moves were nothing special and the ads coupled with the lack of more levels for free turned me off. If I had to choose between the first and third apps, I would choose the first. Yes, it was simple, but sometimes the most simple exercises are the most effective!

Have you tried any workout apps? What are your favourites?


2 Responses to “App Reviews – Ab Workouts”

  1. run100run February 12, 2014 at 5:48 PM #

    great blog! id love for you to follow my running journey

  2. candies & crunches February 13, 2014 at 9:01 AM #

    I would imagine you have an Iphone? Too bad that al these great apps are not available on BlackBerry… Bummer! I must look for a good app native to BB.


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