20 Amazing Little Life Feelings

5 Mar

20 Amazing Little Feelings in Life

1. Taking your bra off after a long day.

2. Getting your nails done and feeling like you can take on the world now, one nail at a time.

3. Getting to the cash register and finding out your item is on sale.

4. Getting the last of something on the shelf you really need.

5. Being there for someone when they really need it.

6. Finally getting to take off your heels after a night out, when your feet are of course killing.

7. Crawling into your own bed after a tiring red eye flight.

8. Finally finding a taxi when you are so cold you can’t feel your anything.

9. Itching that spot on your back that is just oh, so itchy.

10. When your hair does what it is supposed to…and then stays that way all day and night.

11. When you just kicked your workout’s butt!

12. Finding the perfect dress for that perfect occasion.

13. When you drink the perfect amount of wine with your girlfriends.

14. Calling a friend you’ve been meaning to call and catching up like no time was lost.

15. When you treat yo self! And don’t feel guilty about it.

16. When boys don’t play games and are honest. Whether you like the answer or not, it’s refreshing.

17. Paying too much down on your credit card bill and finding out you have a negative balance.

18. Driving in your car with the windows down and your favourite song blasting.

19. Waking up and thinking it’s morning only to realize you still have a few more hours to sleep.

20. The first spring run outside after a long winter.


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