Vitamins – My Drugs of Choice

10 Mar

If you are going to smoke, injest, or inject something – make it vitamins! Vitamins are an important part of any lifestyle. Most of us probably don’t get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies need everyday. With all the processed and ready-made food we eat these days, we are under-nourishing ourselves with the things that help us metabolize, cleanse, and really just function.

Vitamin Aisle

If you don’t know a whole lot about supplements and walk into your local drug store or health food store, you are likely to be overwhelmed with choices. There is a vitamin and boxed remedy for literally EVERY problem. If you are looking for something specific – say you have trouble sleeping – you can find supplements that are directly related to helping with that. However, if you are like me and just want to be as healthy as can be, here is a good place to start:

Daily Multi-Vitamin

This should already be something you are doing. If not – make it a habit starting today! A good multi-vitamin will help your body out with what we really need each day. Here are a few hints for finding the right one:

1. If you are a woman I would recommend picking up a multi that is specifically made for us. There are also ones targeted towards mature women (over 50 years).

2. Find a multi that includes minerals as well. Looks at the label for this, or ask a store clerk.

3. I recommend the pill or capsule type. Although chewable are usually preferable, they generally don’t contain as much of each vitamin and mineral as the pill or capsule form.

4. Always take your multi with food to assist with absorption.

Fish Oil (Omega-3’s)

Want beautiful skin and hair? Taking fish oil or Omega-3 daily is a step in the right direction. Just make sure you drink it down with a lot of water – burping up fish oil is not fun!


Biotin is a b-vitamin that helps the body process glucose and metabolize carsb, proteins, and fats. The thing about biotin is that the body will not store it, and as such you must injest it daily. If you take biotin daily, you will certainly see it’s biggest effect in the healthiness of your skin, hair, and nails; also the main reason I take biotin daily.


B-complex is important to take as many of us do not get all the B-vitamins in our daily diet. B-vitamins aid in many things including:

  • Healthy functioning of muscles, nerves, and heart
  • Regulate digestive system
  • Normal growth and repair
  • Support immune system
  • Breaking down protein
  • Production of hormones
  • Prevention of disease

If you are low in B-vitamins (which is not uncommon), you may find you are tired, have low energy levels, depressed, anxious, or suffer from hair loss or eczema. Try taking a B-vitamin supplement and see if you find a difference.

Vitamin D3

This is the main vitamin we get from sun exposure. If you are like me and live in a colder climate half the year, we can be lacking, especially because it can be hard to get enough from food. Vitamin D3 is disease preventing, and bolsters the immune system. I find it is best to get a little extra outside of a multi.

Tips for taking your vitamins:

1. Don’t take them all at once! Your body cannot absorb a ton of vitamins and minerals at the same time. Anything it can’t absorb will just be flushed right out, which is a waste. I usually take my multi in the morning with breakfast, fish oil mid-morning, biotin at lunch, and my b-complex and D3 at dinner. Space them out! 

2. Read the label. Depending what brand and dosage you get, the instructions will differ. Some you need to take on an empty stomach and some with food. Read the label and adjust your schedule accordingly.

3. Use a pill container. I have a weekly pill container that I fill up on Sunday night and use throughout the week. I have one for home and one for work. No second guessing when it comes time to vitamin-up!

4. Try taking a natural vitamin or supplement next time instead of a medication or drug when you have a health problem in need of fixing. Backed up? Eat your greens, add some fibre in your diet or add powdered fibre supplement to a shake, and pop a 1,000mg magnesium citrate at bed. Trouble sleeping? Try taking 400-800mg of magnesium or an all-natural melatonin pill. (source:

Do you take vitamins daily? Which ones?



One Response to “Vitamins – My Drugs of Choice”

  1. candies & crunches March 11, 2014 at 1:10 PM #

    I was used to take a daily vitamin for women; however, about a year ago I stopped. I am trying to get the vitamins and nutrients from food. That being said, I think it’s important to take supplements that cannot be acquired through food such as vitamin B. At the same time, if I see that I don’t get enough of something I’ll take a specific vitamin in order to make up for deficiency 🙂

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