The Burpee

29 Mar

Oh, the burpee. Some women love them, most women dread them. But let me tell you…learn to love them. Because they seriously WERK.

If you don’t know what a burpee is, take a look:

It doesn’t look too bad…until you do 10 in a row.

Basically you jump up, jump down into a push-up position (making sure you are contracting your core, do not let yourself sink in the middle), do a push-up (can be done from your knees), jump your feet into your hands, and return to step 1.

Why are burpees so great?

1. They can be done anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed.

2. They work your entire body – legs, core, arms, heart rate.

3. They can easily be added to any current workout routine to increase the intensity and boost your metabolism.

4. Remember when I talked about HIIT workouts here? Adding burpees in between sets of weights or every 5 mins. during a run is a great way to work up to a HIIT workout. That means fat burning at another level!

So next time you are on the dreadmill, working with weights, or out for a run, add 10 burpees between sets or at intervals during your cardio workout. And then let me know what you think!


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