April Fools for Fools

30 Mar

I love me some April Fools!

To kick April off right, take a stab at some of these cruel little jokes on Tuesday. Just be prepared for any consequences!

1. Saran wrap the toilet seat.

I’ll start with the dirtiest of them all. Cover the toilet seat with saran wrap and put down the lid. Clean-up not included.

2. Tape the computer mouse.

Want to play a little trick on someone at the office? Place clear tape over the sensor on the bottom of their computer mouse and watch them grow frustrated as it JUST WON’T MOVE…

Or even better…connect a wireless mouse to a laptop and go somewhere nearby and move it around. They will go nuts, I promise.

3. Colour your tap water.

Unscrew your faucet (just the end) and put a few drops of food colouring or dye from an Easter Egg Kit into it. Next person who uses it will have coloured water emerge.

4. Mess with the fridge.

Swap the contents of your milk and juice cartons, put food colouring in the yogurt, and place plastic bugs in the salad.

5. Place yesterday’s paper at the door.

Get up first, and swap the April 1st paper for the March 31st paper. Put it in the bag and make it look new. The next reader will be a tad bit confused…

6. Reset alarms.

We don’t want anyone missing an important meeting, but feel free to set alarms for 3am, 4am, 5am…you get the picture. You can even hide alarms in one’s room and they have to get up and find them (complete with a little April Fools note from yours truly). Oh, the trickery….

7. The mashed potato sundae.

Are you a tricky mom? Get your kids excited for sundaes for dinner, and serve up mashed potatoes and gravy in sundae glasses. Oops!

8. Autocorrect fun.

Know someone who uses Microsoft Word a lot? Open the program and click on “Autocorrect” under the “Tools” tab. Change the settings so that funny words like “bric-a-brack” or “collywobbles” appear when he or she types a common word, like “the” or “and.” You can also make it so that every time they type their own name, “Captain Cool Beans” or an equally embarrassing moniker comes up. (source: MSN).

9. Prank your friend’s cell.

Grab your friend’s phone when they aren’t looking and change your name in it to something else (think funny – Regina George or Mr. T). Then text them something random that goes along with the name (“You are so fetch” or “We want you to join the A-Team”). This will throw them for a loop.

10. Deodorant gone creamy.

Cut off the top of your bf’s, parent’s, or sibling’s deodorant and replace with neatly packed and shaped cream cheese. Yummyyy….

11. The Facebook birthday trick.

Change your friend’s birthday on Facebook to April 1. They will wake up and receive a ton of notifications from people who have no idea when their actual birthday is. They will then have to explain how they ended up with such a great friend in you…hehehe.

And finally, there is one of the most classic April Fools jokes of all….


3 Responses to “April Fools for Fools”

  1. Kristin March 30, 2014 at 12:33 PM #

    🙂 🙂

  2. Laura March 30, 2014 at 6:02 PM #

    I love these! Definitely bookmarking this for when I’m at a full-time job again!

  3. weight2lose2013 March 31, 2014 at 1:42 PM #

    I like to tape open the spray nozzle on the sink. Get’s them every time! lol Just be prepared to run if the person that gets soaked is getting a glass of water just before they leave for work. 🙂

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