How to Use Your Touche Eclat

13 May

If you haven’t heard of the iconic YSL Touche Eclat you probably live under rock. The Touche Eclat is Yves Saint Laurent’s most famous and popular product. It has spurred the Touche Eclat foundation, but the actual concealer stick came first. The concealer is the perfect little pen worth it’s weight in gold!

I love the Touche Eclat, but not for its concealing abilities. I must have dark circles the size of Mars under my eyes because I find it actually doesn’t conceal that well. Instead I use it as a highlighter and brightener…something to make me look a little less “blah”, especially after a bottle of wine with girlfriends the night before…(you know the feeling)!

TIP #1: You need to choose a colour that is at least a few shades lighter that your skin tone. The highlighter is the opposite of contouring…it is meant to brighten areas and make them stand out.

TIP #2: Same as a makeup brush, the Touche Eclat tip should be regularly cleaned to avoid a build-up of old makeup, etc. Make sure you ladies are cleaning your makeup brushes regularly…so important! For tips on cleaning your brushes, see my post here.

TIP #3: The Touche Eclat works best for a suttle, radiant look. If you want more sparkle and glow for a night on the town, check out my post here!

Here is how I use it at the very end of my makeup routine:

1. Swipe a little above and below the outer corner of your eyebrows. This highlights that region and the arch.

2. Use it on the bow of your lip to accentuate your lips (take that Angelina Jolie!)

3. Swipe it from the middle of your forehead straight down your nose.

4. Swipe a small line down the centre of your chin.

5. Swipe it under the eyes along the cheekbones to make your cheekbones look higher.

Then dab these area with your finger or a small makeup brush until it all blends into your skin. You should notice those areas are a little brighter than the rest of your face now.

Here are a couple examples to show you what I mean:

And voila! Now we should all look like this….(Insert wishful thinking here…)



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