DIY: Cut-Off Shorts

21 May

If you are like me, you have 782902 pairs of jeans in your closet, and about 75% of them you will likely never wear again. If that is the case, it is time to do something with them! You can either take  a few pairs to your local Goodwill or Value Village, or you can turn those old jeans into new shorts!

The best jeans to turn into cut-offs are ones that have little to no spandex (think boyfriend style or light-wash).

Here is my 5-step process to cut-off shorts:

Step 1:

Wash your jeans and throw them in the drier. You want them pre-shrunk.

Step 2:

Put the jeans on, and mark with chalk or a safety pin where you want the cut-off to be. You have options – you can make crops (cut half way up your calf), bermuda shorts (cut just above your knee), or cut-offs (anywhere along the upper half of your thigh) – which is my personal preference.

Step 3:

Take the jeans off, and use sheers to cut the fabric straight across where you marked with the chalk or safety pin. Tip: it is always better to cut at least an inch lower than you were planning to. You can always make them shorter, but you can’t take back what you already cut! Use a ruler or tape measure to get a straight line.

Step 4:

When making cut-offs, I like to take my sheers and trim the outsides so it is a little bit higher along the sides of my thighs than on the inside.

Step 5:

Wash and dry the shorts to get the frayed look. You can then either leave them as is, or sew above the fray to prevent them from fraying anymore.

Voila!  Easy peasy.


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