A Salad to Go, Please.

26 May

If you are like me, taking salad to work for lunch is a rare occurrence. There is just something not appealing about eating a homemade salad come lunchtime. Sure, I can go buy one for $13 and think it’s great, but for some reason my homemade salads just don’t taste as good the next day.

Well, now they will. Thanks to the hundreds of people who post food porn on Instagram, I have discovered the secret to a great, homemade, packed-the-night-before salad.

You must be on the edge of your seat. So what is the secret? Well, it’s a mason jar. Mason jar salads are all the rage right now. You can pack your dressing, all the toppings, and even the lettuce in one small jar and not have to worry about soggy lettuce or mushed veggies. Instead you get a fresh and colourful little salad in a jar. All you do is shake it up come lunch time, and voila! They are most convenient if you make a few at a time for the week, and don’t take up much room in your fridge.

Looks pretty appetizing right?

There are a few secrets behind making these jars a success. Most importantly, there is a science behind the layering. Dressing always goes at the bottom, and lettuce always goes at the top. Everything in between is generally pretty mixed, but I like to put carrots, beets, chick peas, or anything of that sort next to the dressing as they get the least soggy.

Here are a few of my favourite salad recipes!

Greek Salad(from bottom to top):

Greek dressing (or preferred)

Cherry tomatoes

Red onion


Black olives

Shredded chicken

Feta cheese

Romaine lettuce

Summer Berry Quinoa Salad(from bottom to top):

Balsamic vinaigrette

Chick peas

Red onion

Strawberries, sliced


Avocado slices

Alfalfa sprouts


Dried cranberries

Spinach/Kale blend

Mediterranean Pasta Salad (bottom to top):


Plain greek yogurt

Cherry tomatoes

Black olives

Cooked penne pasta


Have you tried a mason jar salad before? What are some of your favourite creations?



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