Favourite Thing Friday #14: White Jeans

30 May

I love all white errrrrrything in the summa summa time.

It’s night and day how many loads of whites I do in the summer compared to the winter. In summer I have to split my whites into two loads. In winter the whites just get added…well, wherever they can.

And I don’t care who you are, you can always wear white before May Long and after Labour Day – if the weather is right.

White jeans are a staple in my wardrobe May through September. I reach for them without thinking. If you don’t have a good pair of go-to white jeans in your life, you need to stop reading and head to the mall. They will change your life forever, I promise!


Can be casual.

Long Island Prep

Or dressed up for work.

if only- statement necklace, hermes belt, black birkin

Make colours POP.

My two loves...coral & white jeans

Are part of my favourite look – all white everything!

All White // Lace Top & Skinnies

Look great with a nude heel.

Sweet Child In The City | Just a few of my favourite things…

Or neutral top.

sweet scarf

I don't care if "white" isn't a "fall" color...I LOVE it

Go with gold.

Go perfectly with that denim shirt or jean jacket (that you can’t wear with blue jeans!)

20 Stylish Outfit Ideas with Denim Shirt

Look phenomenal with a tan.

Lilac Floral Crop Top

What are your favourite looks with white jeans? Are you a fan like me?


One Response to “Favourite Thing Friday #14: White Jeans”

  1. Lisa Macy Coaching May 30, 2014 at 5:22 PM #

    I love white, but I seem to attract splatters and spills when I wear white (and when you have 3 dogs…..) and then it never comes out and they’re ruined, so I just have to support all the other people out there that love white too! lol 🙂

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