“Partying” in your late-20’s

12 Jun

1. You hide when the song “Shots” comes on. The thought makes you want to vomit.

2. For every drink, one glass of water follows.

3. Classy girls drink wine. And you get tipsy off half a bottle of wine, instead of whatever-alcohol-someone-left-at-your-place-once.

4. Pre-drinks are low-key and there never a chance you may actually “not make it to the bar”. In fact, pre-gaming isn’t even necessary because you can actually afford all your own drinks at the bar.

5. You 100% agree that the best parties are weddings.

6. You don’t wake up the next morning and wonder what happened last night. You actually remember.

7. You wake up the next morning and go for a run. Because you can.

8. You eat healthy all week because you know you will be going out Friday night. You plan your calories ahead of time.

9. You pass hard on nightclubs.

10. You have long learned not to mix alcohols.

11. You rest up one weekend to prepare for the next weekend. There are no more “3-day benders”.

12. Your friends don’t even question or think twice when you pass on going out to watch a movie and call it an early night on a Saturday.

13. You always wash your face, brush your teeth, and put on your PJ’s when you get home. And you always make it to your bed (as opposed to the couch).

14. You are comfortable in flats and jeans rather than barely-there dresses.

15. What is a roadie?


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