18 Aug

Amount of money I spent to risk my life: 200. Number of times I asked if the harness was secure: 8. Being on top of the world with your best friends? I want to say priceless but it was just really f*cking scary.

I did the CN Tower Edgewalk on Saturday. Barely. I may have blisters on my hands from holding on so tight for my dear life, but I survived!

For those of you who live in Toronto or are just visiting Toronto, I do recommend it if you have the guts (and don’t mind an hour long wedgie). The views of Toronto are absolutely spectacular! The actual tour lasts 30 minutes, and you walk completely around the top of the CN Tower, while leaning backwards and frontwards over the edge of the platform dangling from a rope (insert mind boggling scaredy-catness here). At the end you get photos and a video if you really want to relive the experience (which I absolutely do not).

You can check out more info. on the Edgewalk here.

Here are some photos from our experience!




Have you ever done the Edgewalk? What did you think?


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