The Golden Girls Drinking Game

21 Aug

I am not on here to promote drinking.

…Oh, who am I kidding!

If you love a little vino (like me), and also have a love of the Golden Girls (like me), then we should be friends and drink wine and play the Golden Girls drinking game!

I saw this on Buzz Feed and thought it was kind of the best thing since sliced bread.

Here is how you play (straight from Buzz Feed):

You’ll need: up to three of your friends, your favorite alcoholic drinks, and an episode of Golden Girls (duh).


First, everyone chooses a character. Then, choose a mode of play. There are two modes: “Zing” or “Get Zinged.”

When playing “Zing,” you drink every time your character zings someone.


(Tip: When playing “Zing,” Sophia will drink the most.)

When playing “Get Zinged,” you drink every time your character gets zinged.


(Tip: When playing “Get Zinged,” Rose will drink the most.)

Also, drink whenever Blanche mentions “Big Daddy,” or when Rose says a strange word from St. Olaf.



Or when Sophia says “picture it…” and whenever Dorothy gives advice.



And don’t forget the Cheesecake Rule!


If your character sits at the table eating cheesecake, you have to finish your drink and start another.

Finally: Everyone has to sing the theme song at the end. Please drink responsibly. Thank you for being a friend.


And if you need more help, check out this video:


And remember kids…drink responsibly! When you start to talk in cursive, go to bed.



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