Fashion on the Move!

2 Oct

I thought food trucks were all the rage, but now it’s about fashion trucks. They are popping up in major cities EVERYWHERE! Such a cool concept – I love it.

Unless you are in the middle of Timbucktoo, your closest major city likely has one of these mobile gems. Haven’t heard of one? Try clicking here to find out! Yes, there is even a site dedicated to helping you find your local fashion truck. Isn’t life grand?

If you are like me and live in T dot O dot, you may know we are lucky to have Fashiontruck Canada.

Two fashionistas dreamed up the Fashiontruck Canada in Toronto in March 2014, and it has since taken off. You can find these girls around T.O. on a weekly basis, usually in the downtown core. Don’t live downtown? No prob – they travel to festivals, and even Muskoka, in the summer. Find them online here or follow them on Instagram @fashiontruckcanada to find out where they are parked each day!




And don’t forget…Sweet Child in the City is now on Instagram!




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