10 Christmas List Essentials for 2014

10 Nov

I’m back, y’all. It’s been a month (holy sh*t!) since my last post, but don’t fret. I am still alive, breathing, and definitely, most definitely have not been starving.

And I’m back with one of my favourite posts of the year….Christmas list essentials! I start making my Christmas list pretty late…you know, early August. And it probably changes 47393 times before Dec. 25th. But I can guarantee you these 10 essentials are going no where.

10. Fitbit


Counts calories? Check. Counts steps? Check. Tracks sleep? Check. Anything to help me live healthier, happier, and continently! But for real….everyone I know who has one raves about it.

9. Party Skirt


You saw my post here, so you know I am dying for a party skirt. Too bad Christmas day doesn’t come BEFORE all the Christmas parties where you struggle to find something to wear….

8. Michael Kors Watch



Classic – and I shockingly don’t own one (insert GASPS of horror here). A great watch is a staple in any accessories closet, and Michael is the king of great watches. Now I just have to decide between gold or rose gold…thoughts?

7. Rebecca Minkoff Purse



img-thing (2)

Repeat after me….can you own too many purses? NO! Do we love Rebecca Minkoff? YES!

I am a huge fan of the mini mac. It’s the perfect purse for a night out or just a trip to the mall. The 5-zip is cute too, and it acts as a clutch without the strap.

6. Wine Glasses

download (1)

I seriously have problems with not breaking wine glasses. Actually, my dishwasher has a problem with not breaking wine glasses. Together, we are the worst at not breaking wine glasses. You can never have too many…

5. Quote-Worthy Coffee Mugs

dc27b80922bd45036417707f45edec8cimages (1)

There is nothing better than starting your morning with a cute and clever cup of joe! These two above are from Indigo Chapters, in case you were wondering (hint hint Mom).

4. Coffee Table Books



Everyone has a coffee table and therefore everyone needs a coffee table book. I will take any of the above please 🙂

3. Hat

download (1)

Wide-brimmed hats exploded onto the fashion scene this year. I think everyone and their great-aunt’s sister’s cousin’s neighbour has one. You can find different styles and sizes, but my personal favourite is the trusty one above from Marciano.

2. Kobo E-Reader


My Kobo is my Mom’s that I have stolen. And I love it and will only give it back once she buys me a new one (that’s not the bratty spoiled child in me, I swear). I fit my Mom’s mine in my purse and always have it on hand when I have a few minutes to kill. So much more convenient than hauling around a heavy book!

1. Wall Map or Globe with Push Pins

images (2)

images (3)

One of my globe-trotting friends has a wall map above her bed and has marked off all the places she has travelled with push pins. Such a good idea! A daily reminder of all the places you have yet to experience and a little motivation when you want to buy those shoes but also want to go to Thailand…oh, the cruel decisions.

Hopefully that gives you some holiday inspo, whether for yourself or others! If you want to check out last year’s version, click hereFa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

download (2)


2 Responses to “10 Christmas List Essentials for 2014”

  1. Stephanie|AStyleOfHerOwn November 10, 2014 at 10:40 PM #

    Those are great! I have been meaning to get a Fitbit too! I have a post coming soon about their collaboration with Tory Burch so when you wear it all day it looks like jewelry! I’m excited 🙂

    • erika November 11, 2014 at 6:16 PM #

      Good to know! I will have to check it out…thanks 🙂

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