A How-To: Stay on Trend this Fall

9 Nov

There are many reasons to love fall. The colours, the perfect weather, Thanksgiving….and the fashion. Fall is my favourite time of year but mostly because it means the year’s latest fashion trends hit shelves. Here is all you need to know to stay in the-know this fall:

Blanket Scarves


Scarves are always on-trend, but big blankety-type scarves are the latest. With 101 ways to wrap, wear, and tie these babies up, you will have no problem staying warm this fall. Opt for a plaid or printed scarf over a solid or colour-blocked one.


velvet top velvet

I’ve got to say I am not a fan. Never have been and never will be. But if you have always been a closet-velvet lover you’re in luck. Crack your secret stash out and wear with pride this holiday season. Tip: Aritzia has been spewing velvet lately in case you’re in need.

Over-the-Knee Boots


Screw below the knee. Over-the-knee is better.



I’ve always been a plaid lover (see the proof here and here), but it seems the rest of the non-country world has been embracing it lately. A plaid shirt goes with anything, but pair with jeans, leopard print flats, and a leather jacket for a casual night out.



It never goes out of style, but this year you can find just about anything in leather. Skirts, tops, dresses, jackets, pants, gloves – just don’t wear all at once.


cutout cutout2

Looking for that perfect holiday dress? Chances are you will come across a few with cut-outs. Designers have opted for a little more skin this year in the form of fashionably-cute and strategically placed holes.


nails plum-lipstick-ideas-3

I could not be happier that maroon is “in” again this year. Whether it’s lips, nails, or tees, you can do no wrong.

Long Vests and Fur Vests

fur vesty

The perfect throw-on for a fall day. Pair either with your over-the-knee boots and a turtleneck for a comfy day out.


hat 2 hat

You’ve seen these on just about every girl in line at Starbucks. If you look good in hats or tend to have bad hair days, say no more.


poncho poncho-trend-fall-2014-2015-3

No – I’m not talking about a rainy day plastic yellow poncho. I’m talking about the sweater kind. Another throw-on that just works this year. Pair with your great new hat and jeans for that comfy yet stylish look!

So there you have it. Happy Monday Fashionistas!



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