Spring Trends Have Sprung

10 Mar

Spring has sprung…almost. But regardless, a little sprucing up of the spring wardrobe won’t hurt! There is nothing like flowy material, prints, and short-sleeves to get you over the winter blahs!

Here is a list of this year’s spring trends to keep you fashionistas on top of your throne:

The Slip Dress


Lingerie-as-day-wear is making a comeback. Expect to find silky dresses and lace detail in stores this spring.

Bright Eyeshadow

Specifically aqua-blue. Why? No one knows except Diane Von Furstenburg. Blue may not be something in your bag of tricks, but why not branch out from the usual neutral pallet and try a shimmery peach or purple?

Prints Galore


Floral prints are always the rage come spring, but this year it is also all about picnic print. Yes, think about a picnic tablecloth print. You got it.

Cold Shoulders


Off-the shoulder is the it-factor this year. Halter0-style dresses or straight across shirts will be filling racks soon.

The Backpack


Every travelling mom will be happy. The backpack is making a comeback, but don’t go heading to your nearest school-supplies shop. Expect to see backpacks in stores with higher end retailers this year.


Suede dresses, suede shirts, suede shoes, suede shorts. It will be easy to find whatever suede your little heart desires.

The Slipper Shoe


Alas, a slipper that can be worn out of the house! Slip-on style flat shoes will soon be seen on the feet of every fashion-forward (and lazy?) fashionista come May.

Pleats, Please


Pleated skirts were in last year, but now it is about pleats everywhere, of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

So there you have it fashion bunnies…who is ready for the warm weather?




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