Get Coconut Clean

29 Nov


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ve heard that coconut can do it all. From cooking, to oil pulling, to makeup remover, to moisturizer, to hair mask…hell, I bet it can even be used to lose weight. I’ve never used coconut oil for anything other than cooking (and the one time I tried oil pulling for a blog post), until recently. And since then I am a believer. Coconut is the holy grail of beauty!!

I read online (from the infamous Mix & Match Mama) that coconut oil is a great face cleanser. I mean if Shay Shull uses it, I had to try it. I am now addicted and will ONLY wash my face with this. Let me break it down for you:

Coconut oil is all-natural and gentle – no chemicals or added preservatives. It will cut the grease without stripping the moisture from your skin as some facial cleansers on the market do. It is also anti-bacterial and helps protect your skin from potential pathogens and bacterial populations. It is also deep cleaning which means bye-bye blackheads. And although it is an oil, it apparently does not clog pores.

The biggest change I noticed when using coconut oil as a cleanser is the difference it made with blackheads on my face. They really started disappearing or becoming smaller and less noticeable. I also felt like my skin was actually clean of makeup and foundation – something I’m not sure every cleanser on the market actually does.

So how do you use it? I take a small dab of coconut oil and rub it between my fingers for a few seconds until it smoothes out. I then apply it all over my face, paying particular attention to my eyes to get off my eye makeup. I then wash my face with water. Coconut oil is of course still an oil, so it can be a slippery mess trying to get it all off with just water. I’ll sometimes use a bit of face cleanser (I use Cereve for sensitive skin) to just cut the oil and it comes off very easily. Once you dry your face I promise your face will have never been softer!

It’s not a miracle product and I’m not promising your acne will be gone after 3 uses. But it’s as natural as you can get (make sure you use organic, virgin, cold-pressed).


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