Favourite Thing Friday: Sodastream

6 Jan

I got a Sodastream for Christmas and it is officially my. new. obsession. If you know me, you know I can drink anyone under the table when it comes to sparkling water. I even drink it to work out. But buying bottled sparkling water adds up…at 24 bottles a week, that’s $50. Hence why I love my Sodastream 🙂


If you aren’t up to date on your kitchen-counter gadgets, the Sodastream is simple. It’s a small machine that has a tube of carbonation in the back, and literally adds bubbles to your water. Easy, peasy! The carbonation canisters can be exchanged/re-filled at any local participating store (in Canada think The Bay, Canadian Tire, etc.).


I bought some extra bottles for my Sodastream so I always have sparkling water cold in the fridge. I take one bottle to work with me everyday, and have a few at home. When they run out, I just fill a bottle up with tap water and add carbonation with the machine. Voila!

If you are a soda fanatic, you can purchase flavours for the water as well to recreate a healthier version of your typical Coke, Ginger-ale, etc. There are also fruity flavours – I recommend the grapefruit. A touch of that and the water tastes identical to the Perrier Grapefruit Sparkling Water from the supermarket.


Do you have a Sodastream and love it as much as I do?




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