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Favourite Thing Friday: Sodastream

6 Jan

I got a Sodastream for Christmas and it is officially my. new. obsession. If you know me, you know I can drink anyone under the table when it comes to sparkling water. I even drink it to work out. But buying bottled sparkling water adds up…at 24 bottles a week, that’s $50. Hence why I love my Sodastream 🙂


If you aren’t up to date on your kitchen-counter gadgets, the Sodastream is simple. It’s a small machine that has a tube of carbonation in the back, and literally adds bubbles to your water. Easy, peasy! The carbonation canisters can be exchanged/re-filled at any local participating store (in Canada think The Bay, Canadian Tire, etc.).


I bought some extra bottles for my Sodastream so I always have sparkling water cold in the fridge. I take one bottle to work with me everyday, and have a few at home. When they run out, I just fill a bottle up with tap water and add carbonation with the machine. Voila!

If you are a soda fanatic, you can purchase flavours for the water as well to recreate a healthier version of your typical Coke, Ginger-ale, etc. There are also fruity flavours – I recommend the grapefruit. A touch of that and the water tastes identical to the Perrier Grapefruit Sparkling Water from the supermarket.


Do you have a Sodastream and love it as much as I do?




Favourite Thing Friday: Nars Hot Sand

19 Feb


It’s the dead of winter. Your skin is dry. Your hair is dry. You are dreaming of summer.

I wish I had a total solution, but I don’t. What I do have is the one product that perks my morning up everytime I put it on. And it happens to be called Hot Sand.

Nars makes a lifesaving illuminator called Hot Sand that instantly takes my face from drab to fab. I mix a tiny bit of this with my foundation every morning and voila – a little bit of life emerges from my skin. You don’t need much of this product – no one wants to be a shiny mess. A little goes a long way.

Don’t believe me? Just read the reviews on Apparently the entire population feels the same way!

So next time you are at your local Nars counter, pick up some Hot Sand. You can thank me later.




Favourite Thing Friday: Milan Mode

5 Feb

My name is Erika and I am a lipstick addict.

There. I said it. If I sold my lipstick collection I’d be a millionaire. But you know what they say  – a girl can’t have too many lipsticks! (at least that is what I say).

A love them all, but y’all I found a new great one. It’s Milan Mode by MAC. It’s the perfect combo of plum and pink, with a little sparkle to boot! The cool hues in it go great with a fall and winter wardrobe.

Check it out:



You’re welcome!

Favourite Thing Friday #21: Party Skirts!

3 Oct


Have you heard of this new phenomenon called Party Skirts? Started by two brilliant sisters from Skot Apparel in none other than Vancouver (basically where all Canadian fashion seems to start!), the Party Skirt industry has taken off. And for good reason!




These skirts are perfect for basically any occasion – dressed up for a wedding, dressed down with a casual top and flats, for a dinner date, a night on the town, or basically just whenever you want to feel like a princess 🙂

They kind of remind of Carrie Bradshaw a la Sex and the City! Always ahead of the curve, that girl.




What I absolutely LOVE about these skirts other than the look is how easy they are to mix and match and use bright colours. They come in an array of fun patterns and bold colours – you can check them all out here.

And if you don’t believe me, fashionista Emily Maynard rocked a party skirt to a wedding in the summer….so clearly they are “in”.

ChicagoWeddingWant your own party skirt? You can purchase online at Skot Apparel or Shop Bop, or check out your local Holt Renfrew. Happy shopping 🙂



Favourite Thing Friday #20: Online Shopping

15 Aug

This is usually what I look like when online shopping….and that is just fine with me!

images (4)

When online shopping became a thing, my bank account didn’t.

I have a few go-to sites that I love for finding pieces I generally can’t at my usual stops at the mall – Aritizia, J. Crew, Zara, Marciano…the list goes on.

I don’t buy pants online. I am one of those people who MUST try on pants before buying as they never fit the same. However, when it comes to tops and dresses, I am usually the same size across the board. This unfortunately/fortunately makes online shopping a cinch.

Here are some of my go-to sites to browse when I am a) bored, b) sad, c) looking for something specific, d) have an occasion, and e) don’t have an occasion but feel compelled to spend money I don’t have.

1. Mura Boutique

Australians seriously have all the best shops and clothes. And why do they have to be oh so far?? Thankfully Mura ships worldwide, and the shipping costs really aren’t that much ($10-$20 max)! If you are looking for a special occasion dress, Mura is a no-brainer. Here is one of my favourite pieces – and for under $60 CDN.


2. E’s Closet

I wish I grabbed this URL first! I find their clothes are sometimes hit or miss, but when they have something I like, it is seriously love at first sight. E’s Closet is US based, and is one of Emily Maynard’s go-to shops (I love her…a lot). Both her coat and dress are from last season at E’s Closet below.



3. Nordstrom

Like DUH. And I do realize they are an actual STORE not just an online shop, but they do not have stores up here (yet…come on 2015!) and do ship to Canada. So, as such, Nordstrom obviously makes the list. Whatever it is you are looking for, there is a 99.9% chance Nordstrom has it. And another 99.9% chance it is on sale. Win/win!


Free shipping to Canada anyone? How often do we hear that? How about never. With brands from Alice + Olivia and Rebecca Minkoff to Free People and LNA, SHOPBOP has it all. Just don’t go “shopping” here unless you have some cash to spend…

My fave t-shirt ever, from SHOPBOP.


 5. Asos

Another gem at the click of your fingers. Asos has it all, but at a discount. If you aren’t worried about brand names and just want a cute outfit at a great price (but really…who doesn’t?!), then Asos is your stop. Check out this skirt I got from Asos below – I wear it all.the.time. PS…they also ship free to Canada on order over $35.


6. Love Storey Boutique

Another trendy online shop from down under! I love this store for eye catching fashion, their use of lace, and just all around different sort of clothes you generally find here. See what I mean?


And I love this top, especially with a gold belt.


Do you online shop? What are some of your favourite online stores? Let me know in the comments!

download (3)


Favourite Thing Friday #19: Pinterest

25 Jul

Oh, Pinterest. Sigh…



Where do I even begin.

I spend way too many hours “pinning” pins to my board.

For those of you who don’t know what Pinterst is about, then I probably sound crazy. You need to check it out first to understand what pinning pins to your boards means before you pass judgement. Trust me.

For those of you who are also addicted to Pinterest, well then you feel my pain  love.

My name is Erika and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Feel free to follow me —>

If this happens, I need to be forgiven. It’s an addiction, I am telling you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Well, I won’t lie…

The struggle is real…

I can be reached on Pinterest should an opportunity come up…

Words of advice. Don’t always trust the crafts and recipes…

Favourite Thing Friday #17: Toning the Thighs!

20 Jun

I know what you’re thinking….how is toning my inner and outer thighs one of my favourite things? Well, there’s more to the story. This post is more about my love for a certain workout video, rather than the working out itself. Let’s be real.

This Inner & Outer Thighs Routine that the girls from Tone It Up! put together is one of my faves for targeting those hard-to-tone areas on your inner and outer thighs. For me, that is where all the crap I injest ends up. Lucky me. I may as well just take a few cupcakes and put them right on my a**!

Luckily, I found this video that I like. Check it out and let me know if you loved it too!


Favourite Thing Friday #16: My Keurig Machine

13 Jun

I can’t even begin my day without coffee. So how could I possibly not include my coffee machine as part of my favourite things?

I looooooove coffee. It’s not just that it wakes me up, but I actually love the smell and taste. I get out of bed thinking about my first cup of coffee and stumble to the kitchen to turn on my Keurig. If I could only have three things living on a deserted island, my Keurig would be one of them. Give me a cup of jo and I am a happy happy girl!

I don’t have time to brew a whole pot of coffee in the morning, so my Keurig machine makes a quick cup possible! It is so easy to run, clean, and makes a delicious cup of brew. You just pop in the little k-cup and a minute later, you are good to go. What a fabulous invention!

I have the Keurig Platinum machine and personally love the “donut shop” blend. I drink my coffee black (like I said, I love the taste of coffee!), and usually 2 (pk…maybe 3) cups a day. If you are looking for a good Father’s Day gift for Sunday, maybe consider a Keurig machine for your coffee-loving Dad?

Favourite Thing Friday #15: Skinny Tropical Punch

6 Jun

I love beer and I love a good cocktail. So this Favourite Thing Friday is dedicated to combining the two! Try this receipe for Skinny Tropical Punch…you’ll like it 🙂

Note: You can use any beer, but I like Molson Canadian 67 since it is lower in calories.



Cheers to a skinny summer!

Favourite Thing Friday #13: Quinoa Flakes

16 May

Have you ever tried quinoa flakes? Thanks to my sweet, gluten-intolerant friend who introduce them to me, they are my new favourite breakfast food! You already know quinoa is healthy grain packed with protein. Quinoa flakes are a gluten-free alternative to oats, lower in calories, and have 5g of protein per serving. (For more info. on the power of protein, check out my post here).

So what is the difference between quinoa and quinoa flakes? Quinoa flakes resemble quick oats in texture, and are much more efficient when you are short on time and running late for work! All you need is some hot water or milk, and let them stand for a few minutes. My kind of easy! They can usually be found in the breakfast cereal aisle near the rolled oats.


Quinoa Flakes (pre-cooked)


Quinoa Flakes Family Pack, Bulk

Here is how I whip up my fave quinoa flake bowl in the morning:


1 cup unsweetened almond milk (can substitute for any other kind of milk, or water)

1/3 cup quinoa flakes

Sliced fruit (optional – I like strawberries or banana)

Few drops of honey (optional – if you like a little bit of sweetness)

Other toppings as your heart desires (optional – sometimes I will throw in a few chocolate chips, goji berries, slivered almonds, chia seeds, or dried cranberries)


1. Bring the milk or water to a boil.

2. Add the quinoa flakes and stir.

3. Turn off the heat but leave the pot on the burner.

4. Let the flakes stand for 3-5 minutes until the consistency is similar to porridge.

5. Add your toppings and enjoy!