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Hostess with the Mostess: Oscars Party

22 Feb

I love any reason for a party. Sure, the fact it’s Wednesday is a good enough reason for me (humpday anyone?), but if you need a better one don’t look any further than the Academy Awards.

The biggest Sunday night in Hollywood is coming up and you’ve still got time to throw together a brilliant party. PJ’s and Pearls? Check.

Here are some ideas to get your party started.

A Theme

Yes, “the Oscars” works, but you can do better than that. Old Hollywood Glam? Black and White? Dress Up as a Star? Tuxedo Royale? PJ’s and Pearls? Take your pick!


Once you’ve selected your theme, you can Google printable templates for invites. Send your guests a personalized invite before the big day.



You can’t go wrong with black and white everything, or choose lots of gold. Whatever you do, stick to what you choose to have the greatest effect. Easy décor ideas include:

Black balloons with gold writing. Add “Best Dressed”, “Best Makeup”, etc. for a fun photo-op


Star garland. Hit up your local dollar store for gold bristol board and trace and cut out gold stars. Attach them together with string and hang around the room.


Confetti strewn across the counter tops. A no brainer.

Gold coasters. Or gold star-shaped coasters – even better.

Want fresh flowers? Opt for deep red roses.


Paint a mason jar gold and fill with black and white straws.


Have a Ken doll laying around from when you were 8? Great! Spray paint him gold and affix to a stand. Your little Oscar man has arrived 🙂



There is no better way to cheers the Oscars than with champagne. To kick it up a notch, rim your champagne glasses with gold glitter. You can also download Oscar-themed drink tags to attach to each glass.

Want to really outdo yourself? Fasten black bowties to your glasses with two little dots underneath. You’ve got yourself some pretty nifty tuxedo glassware!



Everyone knows Hollywood stars don’t eat. But us regular folk sure do! Think yellow and gold for your nibbles as well. Different kinds of popcorn, donuts or cake pops covered in gold glitter, Ferrero Rochers, yellow gummy bears, and unwrapped Caramilk bars so just the gold wrapper is left. A personal favourite – bake chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and fix each with a Hollywood character. Print a photo of an old star and attach to a straw. So cute! Black chalkboard signs for each item help round out the décor.


No Oscars party is complete without a little friendly competition. Printable Oscar ballots are easy to find online, and have your friends take their picks before the show starts. Or, if Bingo is more your thing, create Bingo play cards and follow along. Winner gets bragging rights.

Swag Bag

It ain’t the Oscars without swag. No, your swag bags won’t be as pimped out as Hollywood’s, but they will have a more personal touch. Scour your local dollar store for some fun goodies your guests can take home to remember your epic party forever and ever.


Hope your party is better than the show usually is!