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Frozen Rose FTW

1 Oct


I know it’s fall and I’m super late getting around to posting about a frozen summer cocktail. But I figure better late than never, right?

My friend sent me this recipe back in the summer to try out for an upcoming girls night. It was a smash hit! Rose is fun, but “frose” is a whole new level (and Instagram-worthy). Try it out – next summer (brrrr).


1 regular bottle of dry rose

Fresh strawberries (about 2 cups sliced – save a few for garnish)

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

1 shot vodka

2 tablespoons grenadine (or I’ve added a 1/4 cup sprite instead for a different vibe)


  1. Pour the rosé into ice cube trays and freeze until solid.
  2. Combine the strawberries and the sugar in the bowl of a blender and let sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes.
  3. Add the vodka, grenadine, and rosé cubes. Blend the mixture until smooth. Add a strawberry to the rim of the glass, and voila!




Save Water, Drink Wine

3 Apr

I’m not an expert by any means when it comes to vino. But I like to think I’ve had enough practice drinking wine that I know a good one when I taste it. I’m not one to aerate a bottle for any period of time (patience isn’t my virtue), swish it around in a glass, sniff it a couple times, and sip it only to spit it out. No, I definitely don’t partake in the part where you spit the wine out!

What I can recommend is a good tasting wine for the average wine chugger drinker.

Here are my personal faves:

Apothic Red

Apothic Red

The Apothic Red is my go-to red wine in the winter. It is a really smooth red wine that has enough flavour to satisfy your wine buds. I like a heavier red wine – if I want something light I drink white.  It’s a blend of cab sav, merlot, and zinfandel and hails from good ol’ Cali. This one retails for $15.95 at the LCBO, so is a good wine for Friday night in.

Sterling Collection Pinot Noir

Sterling Collection Pinot Noir

I am a big fan of pinot noir, and love this one from Sterling Collection. It’s very dry and has cherry undertones. I don’t honestly think I have ever met a person who didn’t love this vino. It retails for $15.95 and again, comes from California. Clearly I need to move to California and just drink.



This is one that can be found in the vintage section if shopping at the LCBO. It’s a malbec, a wine that I think is very under rated. I love it because it’s extra dry and has a bit of a kick to it. Plus…the label is pretty 🙂 For $14.95, it’s a steal.

Perez Cruz Cabernet Sauvignon

Perez Cruz Cabernet Sauvignon

Perez Cruz is another found in the vintages section. It is a really smooth, full-bodied wine and will keep you coming back for more! This is one you will want to crack out to impress your guests when you throw a soiree or have the girls over. Perez Cruz is bottled down in Chile and will run you $15.95.

Cave Spring Riesling

Cave Spring Riesling

A hometown victory! I only like to drink white on summer evenings, so when I do it is usually this Riesling by Cave Spring. It is a fruity, off-dry wine and may not be for everyone because it is on the sweeter side. I have tried a lot of Rieslings and never found one I really liked until I tried this beauty. I say support a local pour and shop the Ontario section at your local LCBO next time! This one can be yours for $14.95.

So next time you are looking for a good bottle wine, reach for something different and try one of the above. Or if you have some great recommendations, let me know! I am always open to trying something new and brushing up on my drinking skills…