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Lipsticks for Winter

24 Nov

I am a lipstick addict. There I said it. My name is Sweet Child in the City and I am addicted to buying lipsticks. Help me, I’m poor.

I don’t leave the house without something on my lips. Like ever. (OK, maybe on a Sunday morning when I go to get an XL coffee and I had one too many glasses of wine the night before…maybe only then).

I thought I’d round up my faves so that YOU don’t have to go and buy the whole MAC store to find out the best ones. So kind of me ­čÖé

Here you go:

MAC Rebel


This is a new favourite of mine. It’s a plum based matte lipstick that pretty much goes with anything in the winter. Don’t be afraid of the purple tint – it’s really quite pretty and not as dark as it looks. I use a liner called Boiseberry from Annabelle to make the look a little lighter, but you can also use MAC’s liner in Currant to get a stronger look.

MAC Speed Dial


This is my go-to everyday lipstick for work. It’s the perfect pink for your pout┬áin the winter season. It works especially well on blondes, and brings out green or blue eyes (if I do say so myself). I typically use a sheer gloss overtop, or layer with MAC’s Pure Silliness gloss for an added shot of pink.

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in #3 Pomegranate


This is my trusty old favourite. I wish it wasn’t quite so sheer, but the colour is so beautiful that I just know I have to reapply more often. If you don’t love bold matte looks, this is the lipstick for you. It looks quite bright in the tube, but it goes on very sheer.┬áI bought this for my Mom last Christmas and she loves it. It’s great for any occasion – work, holiday party, girls night out, and could┬áreally work┬áwith absolutely everything. It’s a bit of a higher price point, but seriously worth it in my opinion.

MAC Red (or Maybelline Red Revolution)


I only wear red lipstick in the winter. And if I’m going to wear red, I go big or go home with MAC’s classic Red. It’s not too deep or too orange, and has a hint of a pink undertone which personally works well with my skin tone. I always wear a liner with red lipstick, and for this one recommend MAC’s liner in Cherry. If you want an identical lipstick from the drugstore, try Maybelline’s Red Revolution.

And there you have it…your lips are ready for winter!






How to Use Your Touche Eclat

13 May

If you haven’t heard of the iconic YSL Touche Eclat you probably live under rock. The Touche Eclat is Yves Saint Laurent’s most famous and popular product. It has spurred the Touche Eclat foundation, but the actual concealer stick came first. The concealer┬áis the perfect little pen worth it’s weight in gold!

I love the Touche Eclat, but not for its concealing abilities. I must have dark circles the size of Mars under my eyes because I find it actually doesn’t conceal that well. Instead I use it as a highlighter and brightener…something to make me look a little less “blah”, especially after a bottle of wine with girlfriends the night before…(you know the feeling)!

TIP #1: You need to choose a colour that is at least a few shades lighter that your skin tone. The highlighter is the opposite of contouring…it is meant to brighten areas and make them stand out.

TIP #2: Same as a makeup brush, the Touche Eclat tip should be regularly cleaned to avoid a build-up of old makeup, etc. Make sure you ladies are cleaning your makeup brushes regularly…so important! For tips on cleaning your brushes, see my post here.

TIP #3: The Touche Eclat works best for a suttle, radiant look. If you want more sparkle and glow for a night on the town, check out my post here!

Here is how I use it at the very end of my makeup routine:

1. Swipe a little above and below the outer corner of your eyebrows. This highlights that region and the arch.

2. Use it on the bow of your lip to accentuate your lips (take that Angelina Jolie!)

3. Swipe it from the middle of your forehead straight down your nose.

4. Swipe a small line down the centre of your chin.

5. Swipe it under the eyes along the cheekbones to make your cheekbones look higher.

Then dab these area with your finger or a small makeup brush until it all blends into your skin. You should notice those areas are a little brighter than the rest of your face now.

Here are a couple examples to show you what I mean:

And voila! Now we should all look like this….(Insert wishful thinking here…)


My Fave Kisser Colours

3 Feb

I have about 3469302 lipsticks, glosses, liners, balms…you name it!



You may be wondering how I make it to work on time without wasting half the day wondering which to wear! It is difficult, but alas I find myself really only wearing a few. They are like your clothes – you have a closet full but seem to wear the same core pieces day in and day out.

Here are my top 5 lip essentials:

1. MAC – Girl About Town

This colour is one of MAC’s bestsellers. I own it in the lipstick and the tinted lip glass, and I love both. I usually wear this colour when I am wearing a black top – it really makes an outfit pop. To make it last all day I use MAC’s More to Love lip pencil┬áfirst, and then the Girl About Town lipstick. I then reapply the Girl About Town lip glass throughout the day (no mirror needed like the lipstick!).

2. MAC – Pink Pearl Pop

I love a good bright pink for the summer. You could pretty much bet on any given day June through August that I am wearing Pink Pearl Pop. It just goes with everything – especially a good tan! I seriously think this is the perfect pink for any girl’s pout.

3. YSL – Volupte Sheer Candy #4

I fell in love with both YSL and this colour a couple years ago after Emily Maynard admitted to wearing it every episode on the Bachelorette. I know it LOOKS bright, but it goes on sheer and very natural. And the packaging is too pretty to resist. This may be the softest lipstick I’ve ever used too – it is almost a mix of gloss and a stick.

4. MAC – Tinted Lip glass in Angel

I own both the lipstick in Angel and the lip glass, but I find I use the lip glass more because of the glossy finish. This is a soft pink with nude tones. Perfect for when you don’t want a lot of colour. I find I can’t pull off a nude lipstick, so this is the closest I ever get. Angel is great for work – it’s not too much – or with a bold eye.

5. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Lip Tar in Nylon

You already know about my love affair with this product and colour from this edition of Favourite Thing Friday. It is just the perfect bubblegum barbie pink, and lasts all day! I wear this colour a lot when going out at night, not so much for during the day at the office.


What lip colours do you swear by?